Corporate HR services

work permits /s pass/ ep application/Insurance and corporate hr Solutions

We offer the different types of services for corporates who wish to outsource their HR functionalities. Our services include:

  • Employment passes and renewal
  • Computing of payroll
  • Processing of retirement, resignation, or termination of employees
  • Sourcing and hiring of new employee
  • Preparation and filing of CPF contributions
  • Preparation of pay-slips
  • Developing HR policies


Mandatory insurances and bond is required by our local Ministry of Manpower. We partner with several reputable insurers to bring to you the highest coverage with the lowest premium. Speak to us to know more now.


We provide application and renewal of the different types of the employment passes, medical check ups and insurance bond as required by the Ministry of Manpower. Nominal fees apply.


Our dedicated team of consultants is capable of sourcing the talent you may just need; from junior executives to senior management in various industries. Finding the right person for your business is a crucial decision, hence we strive to find only the closest candidate for your company to further evaluate his/her suitability with no biasness during the selection process.


We provide permanent and contracting talent recruitment, HR consulting and workforce solutions to clients who wishes to keep their operations lean efficient. Our team of HR consultants will be the bridge to minimise any gap between outgoing and incoming incumbent should the organization selects the employee from us.


We help companies to draft, evaluate, future proof, and to put in place a good set of HR policies for staffs to abide to. It is critical to maintain this to ensure the overall functionality of an organizations seamlessly. A good set of HR policy will steer your staffs to the right direction with minimal effort!

Maid placement Services

Dedicated MYANMAR Domestic helper matching services and placement

Choosing a helper these days is no longer like in the past. Moving with times, our Ministry of Manpower has reviewed many policies and welfare of helpers are greatly looked into. While treatments and welfares of helpers are better, this should not deter them from performing their tasks as dedicated by employers. Our founder had spent several years working with Burmese of all levels and is very familiar with their culture and aptitudes. We do not shove tons of biodata to our clients; instead, we communicate and listen to the needs and requirements of employers before selecting the best match possible. Speak to our placement specialist now to know more.

Fresh helpers

Helpers with zero experiences are greatly sought after as they command a lower salary as compared to their experienced counterparts. Employers usually have to fork out placement fees on behalf of them first, and follow a repayment plan schedule as provided by us.

Transferred helpers

Transferred helpers are usually helpers that are already in Singapore and is waiting for new employment after ending their previous contract due to various reasons. These helpers are generally familiar with Singapore and is able to perform tasks more independently as compared to their fresh helpers counterparts.

Medical Checkups

All our helpers, prior to be picked up by employers, will have to under go through mandatory medical check ups completed. This is essential and mandatory for work permit to be issued. 6 monthly check ups are available too should employers are not able to pick and send their helpers for the checks.


Want to travel but do not wish to leave your helper alone at home? We provide boarding services for helpers at a nominal fee which includes 3 meals.

Nursing Aides/Caregivers

Recruitment and placement of nursing aides

With the rapid aging population, healthcare services in Singapore is facing serious manpower crunch across the island and the industry is actively sourcing and attracting people to join them. We source and recruit experienced and certified people to alleviate this serious issue that we are facing on a daily basis.

Live in caregivers

A Live-In Caregiver primarily takes care of an elderly or sick patient who is recovering in his or her home. The Live-In Caregiver is a personal help, health aide, and companion for a patient , with duties mainly focus on assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and maintaining the patient’s emotional and social welfare. Live-In Caregivers also support the patient with specific household chores; but they will not perform the caretaking and chores for other members of the family.